Nature in ceramic art..

My work is highly decorative and multi layered with textured surfaces and hand drawn images.

It is lively and full of movement and to create contrast I add a more muted, softer, background or colour tones.

I use a variety of techniques,

Firstly I wheel throw and alter or hand build each piece. Then I begin creating the many layers, textures and mark making using terra sigillata, sgraffito, wax resist, slip trailing, etching, drawing and colour blending before the first firing. I then glaze or add a light patina.

Each piece is fired twice or more if I want to create more colour detail.

I love texture. It reminds me of the roughness and beauty of a tree bark or a time etched rock. Nothing in nature is left unmarked including us!

It’s what creates interest and depth.

I live in Bantry, West Cork, remote, beautiful, and inspiring. I grew up by the sea surrounded by wildlife, curlew, crow, woods and freedom and I want my work to resonate this. To offer a connection with bird, animal, place, or emotion.

The way I work represents many stages of my learning and life, bringing it all together.

The smooth and rough, hard and soft, the wild and calm, free and contained and all the many layers in between. 

My ceramics are created to be held, touched, loved and explored just like nature.

Sally Cush Ceramics, Bantry, Co Cork. 0871263686